Thursday, December 31, 2009

So HERE'S my blog...

Apologies, apologies, apologies. From what I understand, the death of a blog is for the blog host to do the unthinkable...stop blogging. Sometime back in November I fell off my horse (not literally, I don't own a horse). The holidays have a way of doing this to me, this year was no exception (think Linda Blair in the Exocist with her head spinning 360).

I don't multi-task well as most of the younger people but I'm working at it. Rich and I got a Wii for Christmas and 2 days later we added the Wii Fit Plus to the menagerie around our TV. I now know what I've suspected all along...I'm unbalanced, says my Wii Fit trainer. But never fear, good news is on the horizon. After 3 days, I'm now just unbalanced vs REALLY/SEVERELY unbalanced. So hope dawns with each new day. I actually found a balance game which I did absolutely perfect! My squeal scared the sh*% out of the cats and Rich heard me all the way outside as he was taking down Christmas stuff.

Okay, back to the Texas Triple D. I left off in November with my visit to Canyon Lake and I've got some real interesting places to report about, especially one of my new favorite places, Lucky's. I went to the Oakridge Smokehouse in Schulenberg, Schobel's in Columbus and this past week Rich and I visited T-Bone Tom's in Kemah.

So I've found my mind (I think it was wrapped with a pretty bow under the tree) and my fingers have found their way back to the keyboard. I'm just checking in to see who's still out there and to pass on my New Year's wish which I have borrowed from one of my Facebook friends. This past decade has gotten a pretty bad rap, and for a lot of valid reasons. But it hasn't all been bad. So my wish is for all of us to take time to find the good that has happened in the last decade and make a wish for more of the same for next year and the next ten.

Have a safe and peaceful 2010 New Year's Eve.