Friday, January 21, 2011


Happy New Year to all. Every year Rich and I do a "year review" to help us remember exactly where in the hell the year went. And it wasn't until a good week to 10 days went by that we even "remembered" to do the review. Most of the time I don't mind growing older, however, lately I feel I'm losing IQ points every time I sleep (I say as I stifle a yawn).

Rich's sister died in June which was definitely on the sad part of the review. On the happy side of the 2010 review, we had a birth into our family. Joshua Douglas (Josh) was born May 26th. In a couple of days he will be 8 mos. old and he is a "Shrek" in the truest sense of the word. Unlike his big brother Jackson, Josh started pulling himself up at the ripe 0ld age of 7 mos. and that was after he had already mastered crawling. He's into everything, eats everything, and will probably be my grandchild to test my recipes out on. He's a hoot.

Our interpretation of Josh's progression is as follows: he wants to be and do whatever Jackson is doing. Period, end of paragraph. His world looks much different. He sees a 2 yr. old running around (Jackson), playing with trucks, 18-wheelers, ambulances (and anything Hot
Wheels produces), and that 's exactly where this little guy wants to be, much to Jackson's dismay. But to Jackson's credit, he's working on the concept of sharing. Not easy for a 2 yr. old (will be 3 on Feb. 8th).

Texas Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives has taken a hiatus (blowing out air). I had a friend of mine last fall say something like, "you look pretty good considering all the crap you've been eating."
It was one of those comments I had to stop and really think whether it was a compliment or a slam. Knowing the person, I think it was probably a compliment (not 100% sure) but that's what I'm going with.

And for the record, it's kind of like Guy Fiari on the Food Network. It looks like all he does is eat, but that's only the part that's being recorded. Yeah okay, I enjoy comfort food. So shoot me. Somebody please. There's nothing I like better than Tex-Mex cheese enchiladas, chicken fried steak, fried chicken, macaroni & cheese, fried okra...okay what have I left out? Damn, it's not easy being me (I say with a smile on my face). Oh, have I mentioned my fondness of wine? Yeah, I think I've mentioned that.

Back to Tex-Mex. For about a year or so, I've been on a quest for a really good enchilada chili recipe. I don't want one with meat in it, it needs to be meatless so it can be applied to a cheese enchilada. Anyone out there want to bite on that one? Let me know. I'll try it out and be more than happy to give you the credit. Help end my misery.

It's Sunday night, the Packers and the ? are headed to the Super Bowl. I'll be pulling for Packers since Rich is a huge Packers fan (although not as much as my mother-in-law). So on we go into 2011. I always have gumbo on Super Bowl Sunday. Already have it made, so it's had a while to "sit."

Talk to me. Is anyone out there? What are your plans/rituals for the Super Bowl?