Sunday, July 31, 2011

Gone But Not Forgotten - Houston

Dear Anonymous,
The one picture I had was of Gizmo's Drive Inn on Oak Forest near the railroad tracks. Unfortunately, I can't find it. Fortunately, I remember who sent it to me. Will see what I can do.

Thanks for reminding me of Gizmo's. We always went there when I was little for hamburgers and Chuc Wagon for hotdogs. Not sure why..

In the late 60's and 1970 (the year I graduated), Gizmo's was called Mr. Jeff's. Best homemade onion rings ever.


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  2. Hey humtv, thanks for stopping by. I've watched Guy for years. It's what helped spin my idea for a "Texas" Triple D. Have visited several of Guy's stops and have also recommended some.

  3. I gave you a blog award missy!!